SURGERY DATE: _____________________________________________________________________

SURGERY YOU ARE HAVING: __________________________________________________________


Weiler Hospital: Ambulatory Surgery 1825 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY 10458 (see handout on directions on how to get there). Phone number for check in area: 718-920-3347.

Moses Hospital: 111 E. 210 th St. Bronx, NY 10467. Phone number for check in area: (718) 920-5001. How to get there:

Hutch Surgery Center:  Hutchinson Metro Center 1250 Waters Place Bronx, NY. Tower II 2nd Floor | Admissions office. Phone number for check in area: (929) 263-3477. How to get there:

What time to check in:___________

Surgery start time:_______


Time spent in recovery room:___________(please note that visitors are only allowed in to for last hour only)

To-do-list before surgery:

·         Pre-operative appointment:  this visit is required for all patients.  Even if you you had prior appointments, your doctor will need to see you again 3-4 weeks before your surgery date.  Once you chose your surgery date, we usually schedule your pre-operative visit 3-4 weeks prior to the surgery date and your PST appointment on the same day (see below). Your pre-operative appointment is scheduled for: ___________________________

·         Any additional tests that need to be done prior to surgery: __________________________________________

·         Any records that need to be obtained and reviewed by your surgeon prior to surgery: _____________________

·         Pre-surgical testing (PST).  Location: Hutchinson Metro Center 1250 Waters Place | Tower II 2nd Floor | Bronx, NY 10461.  Phone: (929) 263-3235. How to get there:

In-person appointment might be required for all patients within 30 days of your surgery date.  It is best to schedule it 3-4 weeks prior to your surgery date.  Normally, we will schedule it for you on the same day of your pre-surgery appointment with your surgeon to make it more convenient, approximately 2-3 hours before or after.  Please call PST at (929) 263-3235 to confirm that.

During PST appointment, a nurse or anesthesiologist with review your medical history and make sure you are ready for surgery.  After that you will get your blood work done and other tests such as EKG or chest X-ray if needed. If not PST appointment is needed, your doctor will ask you to do blood work only (below).

·         Bloodwork:  Location: 1515 Blondell Ave, Room 210, Bronx, NY 10461. Lab Monday 8-6:45, Tuesday-Thursday 8-5:45, and Friday 8-5 pm.  (718) 405-8250.

·         Your post-operative appointment:  Your surgeon will see you approximately 2-4 weeks after surgery.  At that visit, she will go over findings during surgery and your pathology report in detail and check-in with you about your recovery.  This appointment is scheduled on: ________________________________________________

·         Medical Clearance:  Discuss the need for medical clearance with the doctor or nurse.  You will need medical clearance if you have any medical problems or if you are 65 years or older.  Please see your primary care physician prior to your visit to PST (pre-surgical testing) and ask him/her to fill out a clearance form (we will give it to you).  If your primary care doctor is not part of our Montefiore medical practice, please ask your provider to fax clearance form to us after your consultation to (718) 405-8016 or email it to us so that we could scan this letter into out electronic medical records in order for your surgeon and your anesthesiologist to be able to review it before surgery and at the time of your PST visit (above).

o   Is medical clearance required? [] No [] Yes, please see above.

o   Any additional specialty clearance that needs to be obtained prior to surgery: __________

·         Time off work for recovery:  your surgeon will go over what to expect during your recovery with you.  Depending on what kind of surgery you are having and how your recovery is going, you will decide on when to return to work.   Some patients decide to use their vacation or sick leave time as it provides them will full pay during that time and others apply for short term disability (which might mean reduced pay but varies from company to company so you should contact your human recourses department to find out benefits you have).  In case you need a letter for work to get time off or if you need to submit paperwork for short-term disability, please contact our office.  Please allow for 72 hours to complete this paperwork.

·         The hospital will take care of all necessary paperwork and obtain prior authorization from your insurance company (insurance approval for surgery).  If you have any questions about costs from surgery your insurance company makes you responsible for, please contact our office.

Prior to surgery/How to prepare:


On the day of surgery: