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I f$#*!)&! LOVE YOU Dr. Lerner. I found her when I was looking for doctors whose clinical interests include minimally invasive techniques. I tracked her down from NYU to her new spot. She's super intelligent, will address your concerns, and her time with me never feels rushed. And I'm not the most easy patient. :)



Dr. Lerner is an exceptional doctor. Aside from her obvious expertise as a GYN surgeon, she is also a very caring individual and goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being and peace of mind of her patients. I am thankful for having been referred to her by my GYN, and I would highly recommend her, and NYU Langone Medical Center, to anyone in need of GYN surgery



It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Lerner. When we met, there were handouts provided along with thorough explanations of what was going on with me and the BEST suggestions for care that would improve my situation and quality of life. I really appreciate the time taken to see me.




From start to finish my experience with Dr. Lerner and her staff was amazing. I came in for a consult on March 15th and had my surgery and March 27th. I was amazed that she was able to get me in so quickly, it did make me a little anxious though. Dr. Lerner really seemed to care about my progression after the surgery. She called me the next day to check in on me and answered all my silly questions throughout my recovery. On my last visit, my post-op, to see her I still felt that she took the time to answer my questions and give advise on when I should be back to normal. I appreciate Dr. Lerner and her staff for making this experience easier.



A wonderful doctor and a great surgeon. Very professional, understanding, clear, straight to the point doctor.Minimal waiting time in the NYU office, very respectful to patients. Easy to communicate, addressing all my concerns before or after the appointment or surgery. I wish all my doctors were like Dr. Lerner. Thank you, Doctor!


 Dr. Lerner,

Simply put, I just want to say thank you. I'm very humbled by your care, concern, treatment and kindness. Thank you for the work you do and thank you for being you.  I've experienced feeling mistreated and almost helpless while navigating my health issues. This is why it was such a relief and breath of fresh air to encounter you. The world needs more like you.

I also would like to thank the entire surgical team. Everyone (and I truly mean everyone) made me feel very comfortable and incapable hands. From the time I checked In at the front desk, to the time I went home I was well taken care of. Please extend my gratitude to them as well. 


 My visit with Dr. Lerner was amazing she explained everything to me about my procedure all my options and gave me comfort that the other doctors and hospitals did not. I have decided to proceed to with Dr. Lerner for my surgery. I wish more doctors had bedside manners like her it would make the process less stressful on the patients.


Dr Lerner is attentive, she shows  concern and gives straight answers


  “One of the best gyn doctors I have had. She is caring and takes her time to figure out the problem. That cannot be taught and always feel taken care of by her when I leave.”


“I am completely in love with Dr. Lerner! She's an exceptionally talented, smart, and caring Dr. who is beyond patient with her patients. When I met Dr. Lerner I'd been having pronounced anemia issues for a few months without seeing anyone who could diagnose why. When I finally got it narrowed down to GYN fibroids, I saw a few GYNs(before finding Dr. Lerner) who offered no treatment options other than hysterectomy (and at 32 years old, that wasn't an option). Calling Dr. Lerner's office not only did she squeeze me in for an urgent office visit, but she also spent all the time I needed explaining treatment options, outcomes, potential complications, and long-term prognosis. She and her staff got a minimally invasive surgery scheduled and approved with insurance in less than two weeks,and now after an easy few hours at the hospital today for the procedure I am fibroid free, with fertility intact! No incisions, virtually no post-op pain.Dr. Lerner took what had been a scary few months of medial uncertainty and quickly transformed it into a bright outlook for a healthy future. I couldn't be more appreciative and grateful!!”


JS  May 03, 2016

I am completely in love with Dr. Lerner! She's an exceptionally talented, smart, and caring Dr.who is beyond patient with her patients. When I met Dr. Lerner I'd been having pronounced anemia issues for a few months without seeing anyone who could diagnose why. Not only did Dr. Lerner see exactly what was going on, she fixed it via min. invasive surgery in less than 2 weeks without any impact on fertility. For the first time in months, I'm hopeful about a healthy future!Couldn't be more grateful


I came to Dr. Lerner over a year ago with pelvic floor issues.  She made me feel comfortable as we discussed options. She was always professional and took her time with me at each appointment. Eventually,we decided to try surgery which was successful beyond my expectations. Thanks to her, I feel like a whole, healthy human being again.


  “I wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to you & your staff or the way I was treated leading up to and during my my omectomy last month.Your office staff was conscientious & professional. In addition, the ladies in the operating room were amazing. I remember a wave of fear hitting me in the OR right before the operation; their response of kindness, comfort, &reassurance was invaluable to me in that moment. Finally, I thank you for your expertise, your patience with my many questions, and your flexibility. I am s ograteful. Please pass along my thanks to the rest of your team as well. “



“I found Dr. Lerner to be a very thorough,easy to understand and very responsive doctor.  I would accurate answers than hugs and I am not the most demonstrative of people so I found her to be a good fit.  After having a dr that pooh-poohed my desire to not have children someone that assumed I knew my own mind was refreshing.

Feed back from our patients 2014-2015

  “The staff was very helpful. The nurse was very courteous. The doctor explained everything in detail. Had the privacy I needed. The staff is very courteous. I didn't have to wait too long.”


“Dr.Lerner has been the 7th doctor to finally help & solve my pain with endometriosis. She is caring, hasgreat bedside manner and up to day on all new research.I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Lerner to friends & family.”

  “ I've already recommended this doctor to a friend. Dr. Lerner is really great.”


“Dr.Lerner was exceptional, she addressed all of my concerns, provided me with

vital information and describes some of the things I may experience after surgery.

I had a great experience. Everyone was professional and the facility is kept clean. I would definitely recommend this practice to others. I basically had no wait time.”


“ Dr Lerner is the best! As a provider she really TAKES HER TIME in explaining andanswering questions. Leaves no room to feel confused and/or rushed; at no time did I feel leery and/or concerned about her abilities to perform my procedure.She was so thorough during the time I met and worked with her as my provider.She even makes herself available by e-mail and responds promptly. Just the best!”


“ I came to Dr Lerner about my fibroids, but she also saw another mass on my leg in the MRI she ordered. She not only encouraged me to have the mass looked at, she reached out to more than one oncologist to make sure I was seen right away. Her diligence saved my life. I didn't know the mass was malignant. The staff is always professional and kind. Love this practice.”


“Dr.Veronica Lerner. She is professional, respectful and a great doctor. Very attentive, and extremely knowledgeable. Great bedside manner. Great at getting back to you.”


“Dr.Lerner is the best GYN doctor I've ever had.”



“I have had a chronic ongoing condition and have seen many, MANY doctors.  I finally came to Dr.Lerner after a recommendation from a coworker.  She was the first doctor to treat me as a human being and not some hypochondriac.  She made me feelso comfortable, spent plenty of time in her office discussing options with me and making sure that all of my questions were answered.  As we started pursuing surgical options, she made me aware of things that no other surgeon had regarding possible outcomes (even ones who were ready to schedule surgery with me within days).  I felt more informed in one visit with her than I was with doctors I had seen multiple times.

Dr. Lerner was especially mindful of the factthat much of what we were discussing was sensitive and that was clearly reflected in her bedside manner.  The idea that someone would call her cold is so absurd to me based on my experience.”



Dr. Lerner is the best doctor/surgeon I have ever had! She was very logical, straightforward and thorough when discussing my diagnosis and provided me with handouts about my condition to read at home. Perhaps some people confuse this with poor bedside manner, but I found her to be extremely helpful and compassionate. 

When I met with her the day of my surgery and in the operating room, she made me feel really safe and calm (I was so nervous before!). Everything went fine and she called me the day after my surgery to check up on me. I'm healing nicely from the surgery and I feel so thankful to have found such a wonderful doctor.


“Dr. Lerner is terrific and I highly recommend her; she does a thorough exam, and then spends time, talking about your health, your issues, and whether or not you really understand risks and benefits if you are on medications or if you need weight loss or sleep therapy.... whatever the issue she is completely interested and wants you to be active in your own healthcare.  She is totally up-to-date in her knowledge.”


May 2014

I was referred to Dr. Lerner for a hysterectomy. During my first visit she reviewed my record and gave me suggestions of what can be done. When I opted for a hysterectomy she explained the procedure in detail and answered any questions I had. She gave me options as to a surgery date and saw me again prior to surgery to review everything.Her office staff was very helpful in assisting me get the paperwork completed I needed for work. The surgery day went great. She again reviewed everything and held my hand and talked to me while I was being set up with anesthesia . The surgery was a success. I went home the same day. Took Percocet only two times and was able to control light pain with Aleve. At my post-op appt. she asked how I was feeling, answered my questions and explained what to expect in the coming weeks. I am totally happy with her as a Dr. And highly recommend her.


Dr. Lerner is terrific -- she spends time and not only listens to what I have to say, but she makes sure that I understand what she is saying to me.  She treats me as a whole person -- she is interested in my nutrition, exercise regime and issues of stress-relief.  She really wants me to understand the entire picture of women's health and of the consequences of decisions we make in terms of medications and lifestyle.


Feed back from our patients from 3/2015: 

  “My overall experience with Dr. Lerner was exceptional, she addressed all of my concerns, provided me with vital information and describes some of the things I may experience after surgery.”


‘I had a great experience. Everyone was professional and the facility is kept clean.”


“I would definitely recommend this practice to others.”


“I've already recommended this doctor to a friend.”


“I was impressed by how thorough and knowledgeable *Dr. Lerner is. I was also impressed with her assistant, Soma Roy, who got everything done in a timely manner and kept me informed every step of the way.”


“I would not change one thing. I was completely satisfied with the quality of care I received.”


“I came to Dr Lerner about my fibroids, but she also saw another mass on my leg in the MRI she ordered. She not only encouraged me to have the mass looked at, she reached out to more than one oncologist to make sure I was seen right away. Her diligence saved my life. I didn't know the mass was malignant.”


“Dr Lerner is the best! As a provider she really TAKES HER TIME in explaining and answering questions. Leaves no room to feel confused and/or rushed; at no time did I feel leery and/or concerned about her abilities to perform my procedure.She was so thorough during the time I met and worked with her as my provider.She even makes herself available by e-mail and responds promptly. Just the best!”


“I've had a wonderful experience with the whole NYU system”


“I had a pleasant experience with Dr. Lerner throughout my care. She was thorough,straight forward and she made it easy to understand the different complications and options of my procedure.”


“The staff is always professional and kind. Love this practice.”






Dr Veronica Lerner has performed a laparoscopy (robotic surgery) on me in November last year and removed some areas of endometriosis. I am grateful for the knowledge and skills that she possess and really want to express my huge thanks for what she has done for me.


Through the entire procedure, from my initial appointment prior to surgery to dischargefrom the hospital and recovery time I felt totally supported and in professional hands. I was given an excellent explanation of the prognosis and treatment options. All aspects of surgery and after care were explained very clearly. The efficiency with which the surgery was performed was very impressive. 

Many women in my situation struggle unsuccessfully with infertility and I do believe thissurgery has made a huge difference to me and my chances of conceiving. I did not have to wait long for the results :)  Thank you so much to you and ally our wonderful team! 




I would absolutely and wholeheartedly without reservation recommend Dr. Lerner for fibroid surgery.I had 3 fibroids, one in particular was a very large one which
other doctors had said may be complicated to remove and may require open abdominal surgery. Dr. Lerner removed my fibroids via robotically assisted laparoscopy.

From the moment I met Dr Lerner, I felt at ease. She had a calm and professional demeanor, yet it was obvious she cared about her patients. At my initial consultation, she answered every single one of my questions-- and I had many!
She also went over and explained in depth and in detail the various viable surgery options for my situation.

On the day of my surgery, Dr. Lerner met with me prior to put me at ease and to answer any remaining questions. During the surgery, Dr. Lerner provided updates to my family in the waiting room which greatly helped to put them at ease and reassure them.

Dr. Lerner called to follow up with me the next day and to answer any questions and to make sure that I was on the right road to recovery. She always returned my phone calls promptly and throughout the entire pre and post operative procedures answered all the questions that I had.

Dr. Lerner took wonderful care of me!!




Ia m very thankful to Dr. Lerner, and if to take time back, I would choose Dr.Lerner as my surgeon thousand times again.  Doctor Lerner is a doctor of integrity and sincerity, as well as, outstanding surgeon.


My search for the  right surgeon was hopeless and endless task, I have consulted with five surgeons before I met Dr. Lerner . Being a medical professional worked against me, I developed  very high standards and demands in medical care.

 Most likely, if I would not met with Dr. Lerner, I would still suffer from the excruciating pain and bleeding caused by multiple fibroids and endometriosis,that glued  together all organs and tissues inside of my abdomen, a medical condition called “frozen pelvis”.


The minute I  met with Dr. Lerner, I knew that she is the one who I would trust with my health, and who would do my surgery.


Dr.Lerner was the only surgeon who explained in the details the problem, the surgical options available for treatment with cons and pros, and my recovery period. I also received a whole folder with printed-out information  to review  about my health  condition and her email, in case I have further questions.


Our next visit we booked time for surgery and  spent time  planning my surgery, and overlooking all possible complications. At that time I knew exactly what to expect after surgery and how long will take the recovery. I left from my second appointment with approximated pre-plan for the time off from work, for post-surgical pain management, for post-surgical diet and allowed activities, as well as, the post –surgical appointment. Wow! I knew exactly what to expect for plan A and plan B.


The day of the surgery, Dr. Lerner called me in the morning to confirm that I am well and nothing changed. In pre-operative area, she reviewed with me the plan for surgery once again, and after that we signed surgical consent. I have only the positive impression from  my experience at NYU Langone Medical Center.I received professional, skillful, and  efficient care in the peri-operative, the post-anesthesia, and in the inpatient units. Dr. Lerner came to visit me first thing next morning with details and pictures from my surgery.


My recovery was very easy and almost painless.  I knew what to expect and what to do, and Dr. Lerner was always available for all my concerns and questions.

Dear Dr. Lerner,  it is almost a year after my surgery and I feel great.

I hope that my experience with you would help others to make a right decision: to choose her as a surgeon!



My experience with Dr Lerner and her staff was nothing but extremely positive. I had a condition that needed surgical intervention and came to her after being disappointed by my local options in Westchester. At my initial consultation I was extremely impressed by the amount of time that Dr Lerner spent with me. She was frank and open and addressed my concerns, giving me a few options. When I made my decision to go forward, her office was extremely helpful in arranging my surgery, even when my

schedule made it complicated.
My pre-surgery appointment with Dr Lerner was also very reassuring, as she explained the surgery, and we openly discussed different procedures. Again, I found her approachable, open and very easy to communicate with.

The day of the surgery, Dr Lerner was not only professional and extremely competent, but in the O.R., she could see that I was a little nervous as the staff prepped and stood next to me, talking to me about books,vacations, little reassuring things that made me feel better.
When it comes to surgery, the end result is the most important thing, and I have to say that I am healing very nicely. Dr Lerner gave me options that other doctors said I didn't have, spoke to me openly and respectfully about my condition and the choices available to me, and performed the procedure with skill and no complications. I know I made that right choice going to Dr Lerner.

Patient L 8/27/2013

I recommended Dr. Lerner highly and without hesitation. I needed surgery for endometriosis. I was referred to Dr. Lerner for the surgery. Dr.Lerner has a calm, knowledgeable countenance. Some may think it too

conservative, but to me it is how Dr. Lerner patiently listened to all my concerns and questions and answered them with information I could take with me. And did I have questions. I preferred to email my several lists of questions, even questions I thought might be unnecessary but had to ask before the surgery for peace of mind. She answered them all, thus building my trust. I have been to many doctors that just want to tell you what they are going to do, because as we know, time is valuable and short. Well Dr. Lerner calmly takes the valuable time. More importantly when my fears got the best of me in the operating room, as I sat onto the operating table she stepped in and gave me the much needed bedside manner at just the right moment before the surgery. I was scared, she saw it and did something about it to help me.Post-surgery questions she answered as well. I recommended her highly.



Dr Lerner is one of those exceptional doctors, in the top echelon of the medical field. She is knowledgeable, highly skilled and also,extremely authentic and 'real'. She has consistently taken the time with me during each appointment, treats me with respect and explains/answers all questions without bias.

I trust her completely, and know that I am in the best and most capable hands. I recommend her without reservation to anyone seeking an exceptional doctor, a specialist in her field and also, a real, inspiring and

caring person. I consider myself fortunate to have found her,and to be one of her patients. I wish she could remain as my regular OB/GYN.I've yet to find one on a par with Dr. Lerner.



Dr. Lerner is an excellent doctor and surgeon, and I am so thankful to have found her. She is so unbelievably personal-- even corresponding with me promptly via e-mail whenever I have questions or concerns. She performed my polypectomy, and was so diligent about making sure that I received the surgery as quickly as possible after I was turned down by another surgeon. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a gynecologist or gynecological surgeon.





I cannot say enough about how fantastic Dr. Lerner and her office have been. Her staff are courteous and responsive. Each time I have been to her office, there is little wait time. I am only sad that Dr. Lerner is not my regular OBGYN. I was referred to Dr. Lerner after dozens of doctors’ appointments (and months of consults) over a troubling ovarian cyst. I was an my wits end, extremely uncomfortable and highly stressed and frustrated trying to get to the bottom of the problem. After my first visit with Dr. Lerner I already had my surgery scheduled. Not only that, but she was thorough,compassionate and very knowledgeable. She explained everything to me, from my scans, to the issue, surgery and recovery. She listened to my concerns and answered all my questions.
After the surgery my family also stated how impressed they were with Dr. Lerner. She immediately informed

them of my condition post-op and answered all of their questions as well. She also followed up with me the next day and helped to book my followup consultation so I didn't have to worry about doing it on my own while recovering.
She is a fabulous surgeon, and I am so grateful that I found herafter months of searching. I highly recommend Dr. Lerner and would only go back to her practice in the future if needed.



Dr. Lerner is very patient, friendly, and professional. She gave me a very thoroughly

and detailed explanation of my surgery. She is also a sympathetic listener-

when I could not understand a term or some English words, she explained

 in plain English and showed me pictures to help me understand everything.

 Our post-surgery checkup was scheduled on the third week, but she called

to check on me on the second day of my surgery. She is a very nice, reliable,

responsible, and professional physician and surgeon. I highly recommend her.




Dr. Lerner is an amazing physician and surgeon. She was recommended to me by a friend and I cannot thank her enough. I felt at my first visit that she knew exactly her field of expertise. She gave me a very detailed explanation of what was going to be done to me. She was very much in control of my case and I had no fear about my coming up surgery as I felt so confident of her knowledge. I also loved her directness, she is clear, right to the poin. I also appreciated that she is sharp and had a great sense of humor. I loved her so much that I told that I would love her to go back to med. school for general surgery so if anything happens to me in the future she can be my surgeon. I am sad that she is not my regular OB/GYN, this is how much, I really appreciate this woman who put me back on my feet and after a very serious surgery, I was back at work in 2 weeks.




My OB/GYM was unable to perform surgery, and referred me to Dr.Lerner. I was very nervous as this was my first major procedure. Dr. Lerner clearly explained everything, went over all my questions and made sure that I completely understood the procedure from prep to recovery, and had the foresight to schedule my post-op appointment before surgery so it was one less thing I had to worry about while recuperating. I felt completely at ease. Her entire office made me feel very comfortable, and I knew I was in good hands.Her nurses were efficient and friendly, and her secretary was amazing. She caught what could have been a major insurance issue before it happened, and readily fixed it for me. My surgery went well, and Dr. Lerner's thorough explanations of post-op care prevented any worrying and I was back on track,right on schedule. I wouldn't hesitate a second to recommend her high quality care.



I found Dr. Lerner to be very informative and helpful. I thought she was very professional and by explaining everything to me she made me feel comfortable. Many GYNs tend to ush things on you but Dr.Lerner, she advised me on what I needed to know and let me deide on my own what was best for my body. Her staff is very friendly and quick to follow-up.



Dr. Lerner is a fantastic surgeon and caring doctor. I would recommend her to anyone. She performed a complete hysterectomy a few weeks ago, and i'm already on my feet and feeling 100% - She is a 10 out of 10





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