Chronic Pelvic Pain 
Chronic Pelvic pain patient education booklet (IPPS)

Chronic Pelvic Pain (English)  (Spanish) (ACOG) 
Chronic Pelvic pain in women (UpToDate)  

Trigger point injections (IPPS)   

Pelvic floor muscle spasm (UNC)   
Physical Therapy for pelvic pain (IPPS)   
Deep Muscle Relaxation exercises (IPPS)   

Sleep (IPPS)   
Nutrition (IPPS)   
Responding to pain (IPPS)   

How to use vaginal dilators (UNC)   

Painful periods: Dysmenorrhea (English)    (Spanish) (ACOG)   

When Sex is Painful  (English)   (Spanish) (ACOG)
Positions that might help (UNC)   

Vulvodynia (English)     (Spanish) ACOG
Vulvodynia (IPPS)  

National Vulvodynia Association Patient information

Painful bladder syndrome and interstitial cystitis (UpToDate)     (copy)    
Treatment of painful bladder syndrome and interstitial cystitis (UpToDate)     (copy)
Diet for urinary urgency and frequency  (UNC)  

Local resources: 

Endometriosis (English)     (Spanish)  (ACOG)
Endometriosis (MISforwomen)   (copy)    
Endometriosis (UpToDate)   (copy)
Endometriosis and Fertility: Perspective from Infertility Specialist

Depression and SSRIs (UNC)
          Women – Depression(Mental Health America)   
          Depression in Women - is copy
Returning from War: Being a Couple Again

How Is Depression Diagnosed? (InteliHealth, Harvard Medical School)

Depression– MedlinePlus

Antidepressants– MedlinePlus    (copy)

Help for Mental Illnesses   (copy)   

Find Your Local NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)  (copy)
Treatment-resistant Depression: Explore Options When Depression Doesn't Get Better (MayoClinic)

St.John's Wort and Depression (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine)   (copy)
Depression (National Women’s Health Information Center)

Depression During and After Pregnancy (National Women’s Health Information Center)  (copy)   

En español

Depresion Durante y despues del Embarazo (National Women's Health Inf. Center)  (copy) 

Depresion Posparto (    (copy)

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