Safe sex, sexually transmitted disease, vaginal infections

Sexually transmitted diseases:

How to Prevent Sexually TransmittedDiseases (English)     (Spanish) ACOG 

Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis (English)   (Spanish) ACOG  

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease(English)     (Spanish) ACOG

Chlamydia (UpToDate)   (copy)

Genital herpes (UpToDate) (copy)

Genital warts in women (UpToDate)    (copy)

Gonorrhea( UpToDate)    (copy)

Testing for HIV( UpToDate)    (copy)

Vaginal Discharge and Infections:

Vaginitis  (English)   (Spanish)  ACOG

Vaginal discharge in adults (UpToDate)    (copy)

Bacterial vaginosis (UpToDate)    (copy)

Vaginal yeast infection (UpToDate)     (copy)


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