Information by Procedure:

  Laparoscopy (English)      (Spanish)ACOG 
  Laparoscopic surgery  MISforwomen    (copy)
  Informed Consent for Laparoscopy
  Laparoscopic, abdominal and hysteroscopic removal of fibroids (
  Surgical treatment options(UCLA)

Surgery for Ovarian Cysts:
    What are they and treatment options (UCLA)

  Laparoscopic Morcellation: Information for Patients (by Doctor Lerner)
       Information about the removal of uterus
         and fibroids  during laparoscopic surgery

  Hysterectomy (English)   Spanish ACOG
  Hysterectomy (MISforwomen)
  Demystifying hysterectomy (Dr. Siedhoff)
  Vaginal hysterectomy and Laparoscopically - assisted vaginal hysterectomy

Hysteroscopy and Endometrial ablation
  Dilation and Curettage (D & C) ACOG
  Hysteroscopy (English)    (Spanish)  ACOG
  Endometrial Ablation (English)   (Spanish)  ACOG

Sterilization via minimally invasive techniques :
     By laparoscopy:  
         Sterilization by Laparosocopy (English)   (Spanish)  ACOG
         Postpartum Sterilization (English)       (Spanish)  ACOG
     By hysteroscopy:        
         Hysteroscopic Sterilization: Essure
         Sterilization for Women and Men  ACOG

Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction:
  Surgery for pelvic floor prolapse (English)  (Spanish) ACOG
  Uterosacral ligament suspension
  Surgery for Incontinence MISforwomen
  Surgery for incontinence (English)   (Spanish)  (ACOG)

Procedures performed by Dr. Lerner

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