Menopause and hormone replacement therapy  


Ask the Experts About Menopause (NAMS)         (copy)

Menopause - A Time of New Beginnings    (copy)

Menopause Signs, Symptoms & Solutions    (copy)

Make Your Menopause Experience a Positive One     (copy)

Midlife Transitions: Perimenopause to Menopause (ACOG)   

The Menopause Years (English)    (Spanish)    (ACOG)

Endometrial Hyperplasia (English)   (Spanish)  (ACOG)

Perimenopausal Bleeding and Bleeding After Menopause  (English)   (Spanish)  (ACOG)

Menopause (UpToDate)   (copy)

Menopause Guidebook (NAMS)(copy)

A primer for the perimenopausal (NAMS)      (copy)


Hormonal Headaches & Menopause (NAMS) (copy)

Non hormonal treatments for menopausal symptoms (UpToDate)    (copy)

Postmenopausal hormone therapy (UpToDate)     (copy)

Hormone Therapy (ACOG)

Hormone Therapy Charts (NAMS) (copy)

Hormone Therapy Statistics ( NAMS )     (copy)  

Bio-Identical Hormones - Clarifying The Confusion      (copy)   

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy: Clarifying the Misconceptions

Mother Nature's Treatments for Hot Flashes  (NAMS)   (copy)

NAMS Menopause Help in MORE Magazine (NAMS)  (copy)

Depression & Menopause (NAMS)   (copy)    

Sleep (IPPS)

Sexual Health and Menopause for Consumers (NAMS)    (copy)

Vaginal dryness (UpToDate)    (copy)

Menopause Glossary (NAMS)  (copy)

   For further information on menopause:

NAMS (North American Menopause Society)

Reviews of Books About Menopause (NAMS)  (copy)



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